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Post-Activity Stiffness and Psoriatic Arthritis

written by Vickie Wilkerson and published on our sister rheumatic community,
Please do not take this as the standard stiffness all of us with psoriatic arthritis usually experience first thing in the mornings. I want to talk more about being active and then sitting down.  Let’s say you rest for an hour. What happens when you go to get up? Do you find your body is stiff? 
Stiffness and psoriatic arthritis
Lately, I have been experiencing post-activity stiffness it more and more. My psoriatic arthritis always lets me know when I am up doing something. My back is the first thing to let me know I am being more active than usual. After seven years of dealing with psoriatic arthritis, it has always been my biggest pain. I am always doing a sit-down, get up do something, back to sitting down, again and again like a vicious circle. It has really only been in the past several weeks that I am finding my body getting more stiff after I sit down.

Felix R.

Writer & Blogger