I have been a health & wellness trainer, for more than 15 years. I’m also married, and a father of two boys. I have also worked in many gyms, both commercial and private, over the years. The fitness industry is a very rewarding field. I feel greatly privileged to share their goals, and common interests and their individual fitness achievements.
It’s my career to inspire you and to listen to your individual struggles, challenges and physical ailments. I have seen many clients lose sight of themselves working long hours and traveling weeks on the job. I make sure to be the constant reminder about the importance of balance and living a healthier lifestyle which keeps you away from falling into exercise pitfalls.
At a young age I always had a passion for professional sports, and understood the importance of playing at a high level. During that time in my life, it taught me a valuable lesson that I have kept over the years. These two words, “frequency” and “consistency” are what I live by.
My approach in fitness has evolved over the years. My scope and knowledge stems from training in exercise science and rehab fields. My job is to lay out the groundwork for building and transforming clients mentally and physically.
In addition as a fitness trainer, we are the first line of defense to create and build healthier lifestyles. We usually get a chance to get a first look at a client, before they see their rehab doctors. Most trainers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of injury prevention. It has become a common goal in the fitness industry. We need to work with health care providers to ensure client results.
I have worked in gyms like: 

My experience in training has help me work with many clients that have various needs…
09/18/11 New York Hudson River
Mary Kocy. Mary Kocy, CEO and Partner of Rusk Renovations, who just learned to water ski last summer, will attempt approximately 30-miles around Manhattan on approximately 30-miles around Manhattan on water skis as a way to raise awareness and funding for soldiers suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury through Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine as a way to raise awareness and funding for soldiers suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury through Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine . Original Filename: Water ski around Manhattan 07.JPG[/caption]
**Preparing for a water skiing event that took place around the borough of Manhattan in NYC to help raise money for veteran’s hospital suffering from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). **I have also helped a mother and daughter team to lose weight. Together they lost a total of 75LBS in 5 months before the daughter’s wedding date. **A theatrical star and actor to stay in top shape for his career and adventures hiking the mountains of Appalachian Trail (AT) and Austin Mountain.

**Senior Clients and Retirees get strong and live a more active life style for there constant travels around the world. For some just being able to pick up their grand kids and playing with them is a huge accomplishment.
My clients have a specific goal in mind. They are determined individuals that train with me to become better at there goals. I assist them with a workout plan for them to follow on the days that they do not meet with me.
You can’t build an entire approach to training around a piece of equipment. There’s no physiology there. You can only build that system around the human body.
-Look at the Majority
-Think of the Average (because that’s where the big picture is
-Respect the Laws of Physiology
-It’s Not About Equipment
-Time Management Comes First
-Know What “Advanced” Really Is
-Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Overall, develop a philosophy first and a program second. Remember the basic training principles and laws of physiology. Analyze goals and objectives and put the pieces together.