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Frequency Fitness NYC prides itself on maintaining a team of knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly health professionals who are committed to providing personalized attention and expertise to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

My client community includes individuals with a wide range of fitness  aspirations, and we are dedicated to treating each client with equal care and inclusivity.

We understand and respect the unique strength training goals and circumstances of our clients, whether they are professional athletes, fitness beginners, brides-to-be, new moms, or anyone else. Our commitment to personalized training extends to catering to the specific needs and priorities of each client, ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Felix has been my trainer for 3 years. I am 75 years old. And I trust Felix to keep me strong and fit without any workout injuries. Our sessions are fun and challenging. I love Felix! He’s the best!
Lily Friedman
Felix is the best personal trainer I ever had. He put me through a rigorous program and together we achieved great results. He also prepared me well for advanced martial arts training.
— Barbara Sharp
Felix is very good at what he does.I have know him since 2005, he has helped me become a fitter person. Recently, he assessed my flexiblity & found that I was a bit stiff. He gave me some flexiblity exercises which are improving my range of motion & relieving my stiffness. I highly recommend Felix.
— Sergio M



We create personalized fitness programs and offer nutritional guidance for individuals over 50 years old. We have been delivering top-notch one-on-one training in New York and have a growing waiting list of new clients. In order to assist more people locally and expand our reach to online clients, we have developed the Megahertz Training Program tailored for men and women aged 50 and above. This program includes highly effective strength and conditioning routines, along with nutritional coaching to enhance overall health. Our goal is to help individuals live life to the fullest by overseeing the development of expertly designed fitness programs. Whether it’s enhancing muscle growth and shedding excess fat, excelling in various physical activities, such as cycling or running, regaining lost mobility, reducing discomfort, or simply improving physical appearance, we prioritize the individual’s desire to enhance their quality of life.