Learn key principals from the top strength conditioning coaches and rehab specialist in the fitness industry that help with all your fitness needs.
Get passionate about setting your goals learn about how to lose weight, improve your strength, reduce pain and improve your mobility. Lets get your started on a results bases training by adding essential movement and nutritional guidance.


Desk Set-Up
Work Habits and Posture
Rest Breaks
Overuse and Injuries

Although desk work is not classified as manual labor, many of the injuries that come from poor posture and repetitive micro-movements can be chronic, debilitating, and painful. Prevention begins with an ergonomic arrangement of office furniture and equipment. With a proper office set-up in place a desk worker can then focus on making effective changes in work habits. We offer classes that teach workers to improve their desk ergonomics and to build habits before, during, and after work that can minimize distress. Participants learn to relieve neck and shoulder pain, hand issues, and low back problems. They learn the importance of taking regular, brief breaks and what to do during those breaks.
Our classes are interactive and allow each participant to discover specific physical limitations that may contribute to his/her loss of movement/energy and discomfort.


My approach to training is a mixture of principles from strength & conditioning coaches and top therapist that have help mold fitness industry professionals. It’s so important while living in new york city you understand that time is most important assets we have, so I give access to remote training to my clients by building a health and wellness lifestyle to achieve all there fitness goals. I have clients that travel and need to  create a way to stay engaged with, their training. It’s also important for client to have digital access to information from the previous and current personal training program. I always start by gathering information about potential clients by assessing there injury history and lifestyle and then implement a plan to fit there needs we set regular check ins through via video chat, exchange emails, and record workouts and results.