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How ‘plant-based’ rebranded vegan eating for the mainstream

October 30, 2020

By Lavanya Ramanathan for The Washington Post Making the rounds at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last month, Phil Lempert couldn’t help but notice a curious pattern in the myriad chips and protein bars and truffle brie and deli meats on display. The trade show is a harbinger of bubbling trends, and this winter’s […]

Post-Activity Stiffness and Psoriatic Arthritis

October 30, 2020

written by Vickie Wilkerson and published on our sister rheumatic community, Please do not take this as the standard stiffness all of us with psoriatic arthritis usually experience first thing in the mornings. I want to talk more about being active and then sitting down.  Let’s say you rest for an hour. What happens when you […]

Microsoft is investing $1 billion in Open AI to create brain-like machines

October 29, 2020

Written by Martin Giles The AI lab gets to throw Microsoft’s supercomputing and cloud computing muscle at its bid to build artificial general intelligence (AGI). The news: Microsoft says OpenAI will help it jointly develop and train new AI technologies for its Azure cloud computing service. It will also work with it to develop new supercomputing […]