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Effective exercises for osteoporosis

December 16, 2016

Harvard Women’s Health Watch Staying active can strengthen bones and preserve mobility. If your doctor has recently diagnosed you with osteoporosis, or if you’ve already had a fracture, you might be avoiding exercise for fear of breaking another bone. Yet staying active is exactly what you should be doing right now. “If you’ve already had […]

Stronger muscles lead to stronger brain

December 15, 2016

Medical News Today Written by Ana Sandoiu A study led by the University of Sydney in Australia has found that gradually increasing muscle strength through activities such as weightlifting improves cognitive function. [Elderly woman showing off her muscles] Stronger muscles reduce cognitive impairment in elderly patients. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Centre […]

12-week exercise program significantly improved testosterone levels in overweight, obese men

December 8, 2016

November 4, 2016 Source:American Physiological Society (APS) Twelve weeks of aerobic exercise significantly boosted testosterone levels in overweight and obese men, with the greatest increases seen among vigorous exercisers, according to research presented at the Integrative Biology of Exercise 7 meeting in Phoenix. Researchers from Tsukuba University and Ryutsu Keizai University in Japan previously found […]