Felix is the best personal trainer I ever had. He put me through a rigorous program and together we achieved great results. He also prepared me well for advanced martial arts training.

Yevgeny F

Felix is very good at what he does.I have know him since 2005, he has helped me become a fitter person. Recently, he assessed my flexiblity & found that I was a bit stiff. He gave me some flexiblity exercises which are improving my range of motion & relieving my stiffness. I highly recommend Felix.

-Sergio M

Retired at Retired and enjoying time to pursue personal interests and family
I was fortunate to have met Felix,and have him as a personal trainer.He motivates me and encourages me in every work out session I have with him.Because of him I feel good and physically much stronger I look forward to working with him in the future.I recommend him without reservation as being an excellent trainer

-Denis S

As a rehabilitation physician, I meet many trainers. Felix Rosario is the best I have worked with. He is able to facilitate improved body composition and health outcomes by utilizing and teaching individual exercise plans tailored to his clients’ abilities. He is experienced, enthusiastic and motivational. I recommend him highly.

-Dr. Meg

“Every time I worked out with Felix I knew that I would sweat, burn off calories and learn a new exercising technique. Felix brings to a workout his motivation to help me reach my fitness goals while motivating me even when I think I do not have any energy left for the next move. Every workout is exciting as Felix always has a new technique to teach that increases your capability from the last workout. I recommend Felix because as a woman over 50 I needed to increase my lean muscle mass but I would encourage any woman to workout with Felix as he really understands how to empower women by changing their workout routine to increase strength, flexibility and gain optimum stability!”

-Janet R

I cannot say enough about the positive effect that workouts with Felix have had on my well-being. After a lifetime of struggling to maintain a consistent workout routine, I am now in my mid fifties and in the best shape ever. Felix’s workouts are individualized, intense, efficient and effective. He pushes me to do things I didn’t know I could do, and even makes it fun! I am more toned, stronger, have increased energy and better posture and balance. In addition to being knowledgeable and innovative, Felix is very personable and supportive, a delight to work with.