Gary Kadi, CEO, NextLevel Practice, Marks 20 Years of Innovative, Team-Based Consulting

Life/Career Coach to American Dentistry Expands Reach to Periodontology “HTM”

“Two decades can just fly by when you’re having fun,” says the characteristically exuberant Gary Kadi, Founder and CEO of NextLevel Practice, a New York-based company founded to educate and advocate on behalf of dentistry, dentists and their teams. May 1, 2015, will mark the 20th anniversary of Kadi’s work and leadership on behalf of aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and – of course – practitioners in the dental healthcare community. Known for his positive contributions to the lives of dentists and dental teams across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, Kadi has been a devoted thought leader for the whole of the dental community for two decades.